Oreo Hazelnut Brownies

Browniew dengan filling chopped oreo & chocochip.
Pake topping crushed oreo & crushee hazelnut.

Berikut resepnya, diambil dari ig doyan baking

Bahan :

2 butir telur

130gr gula halus (aku pakai gula pasir 100gr, masih terlalu manis mwnurutku)

140gr dcc

50gr margarin/butter

6 sdm cooking oil (aku pakai sunflower oil)

100gr terigu

25gr cocoa powder

Filling : chopped oreo, chocochip

Topping : chopped oreo, chopped hazelnut

Loyang kotak 20cm

Bake @180c for 30-40 mins

Coffee Cupcake with Chocolate Coffee Ganache


This cupcake taste soo good, it is moist, airy, not too sweet; suits well with the chocolate coffee ganache frosting.

As for the cupcake, I’m using recipe from Elise Strachan, my cupcake addiction with the addition of 2 tbs instant coffee powder dilute into the water. The recipe yields 12 cupcakes.

As for the frosting, i use half recipe of my chocolate buttercream and half  coffee ganache frosting, mix them together. See my previous posting for the recipe

Topped with your favorite chocolate candy

Chocolate Nutella Cupcake


Akhir-akhir ini lagi sering bikin cake menggunakan Nutella..

I mean, who doesn’t love Nutella??

These Nutella cupcakes are dedicated to Nutella lovers

Earlier, I planned to use Nutella buttercream as the frosting, using Recipe from US, I bet they taste so delicious.

However, I don’t think it will look great as the frosting, because they will just easily melt due to hot weather in Jakarta.

Why? Because,  the recipe use butter (real butter) and not
shortening. If we use shortening, the frosting will stay firm throughout the day..

Taste wise, the one that use real butter will definitely taste amazing…. At the end of the day, it depends on our purpose

I’m using the recipe from Simplybaking.com

The taste came out delicious, however the texture is so dense, probably because it is using Nutella inside the butter – the dough came out so thick and looks heavy

Next, I’m going to try any chocolate cake recipe, take out the Nutella , and instead, I’m going to put the Nutella and fill it inside the cupcake..


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KitKat Ice Cream Birthday Cake


Pingin bikin birthday cake yg special…gak memakan waktu lama, gak ribet tapi yummy…

Untuk someone yang addicted to chocolate and ice cream (after all, who doesn’t love ice cream? )… which is my beloved son 🙂

Finally, I came up with this idea when I saw an ice cream truck passed by…

4 layers of ice cream :
– Coffee n raisin –>trust me, this one is so so good
– Blueberry
– Hersheys

with oreo crust as the base, and covered with KitKat.

I also use different kinds of his favorite chocolate as the topping :

– M&M
– Mini oreo (chocolate)
– Toblerone
– Silver Queen bites
– Chic Choc malt crunch
– Ferrero Rocher

Happy Birthday Kamal, Barakallah, semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, selalu berada dlm lindungin Allah SWT dan bisa menjadi seseorang yang selalu berguna  untuk bangsa, negara, dan agama. Amin YRA


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Minty Oreo Cheesecake


Bosan dengan rasa cheesecake yang itu-itu saja, coba deh yang satu ini : “Minty Oreo Cheesecake”

Adapted from “35 Resep Cheesecake” published by Yasaboga.

Be very careful, not to put too much mint essence, otherwise you might get ‘cough medicine’ taste instead of cheesecake hahaha 😀

Supaya terlihat rapi dan cantik, use your pastry bag utk menuangkan adonan ke dalam mika, lalu ratakan dengan punggung sendok atau offset spatula yg kecil.

Decor sesuai selera, put wafer stick, dust with oreo powder/crumb, or chocolate ornament as seen on picture– be creative saja….

Oh ya bikin chocolate ornament itu mudah loh.. nanti aku post deh kalau sudah ada step by step picture-nya

Selamat mencoba, atau order ke sini juga boleeehhh 🙂