Moist Vanilla Sponge Cake – part 2


This is my second post searching for moist vanilla sponge cake.

This recipe I adapted from youtuber Trivina Kitchen , but then I also found that it is the same recipe I found in Japanese Cooking 101 (sponge cake) and also in Gretchen Bakery (Vanilla Sponge Cake / Hot Milk Sponge Cake) —- they all use the same method, where butter & milk are combined and were heated in the microwave, later on they were added to the batter.

However, since I just want to try and not to decorate them, so I need only a single layer baked in 20cm round pan, and of course less sweet, therefore I decided  to go with Trivina Kitchen recipe.

Ingredients :
25 gr unsalted butter
1 tbs milk (i’m using plain Ultra milk)
80 gr cake flour (kunci biru / zircon)
1/4 tsp salt
3 eggs
80 gr sugar ( i’m using 65 – 70 gr)

Trivina Kitchen used spring form pan (loyang bongpas), I used regular round pan, line the bottom & sides with baking paper

My pan size is 20cm and the height is 4cm. The cake rose slightly above the pan, and when it cooled down , the height was 3,5 cm (as seen on picture).

I baked the cake for 26 minutes in lower rack, moved it to upper rack for another 5 minutes, covered the cake with aluminium foil.

Took it out and did the toothpick test, remove the baking paper (the sides), and I thought the top part need more browned — so I put the cake back into the oven using upper rack and turn on the oven using the upper heat for 3 minutes.

I’m happy with the result, the cake rose beautifully, it was moist & fluffy and not to sweet, perfect for my liking 🙂

I waited the cake to cool down, sliced a bit, and the rest I double wrapped using cling wrap and put it in the freezer. I want to see how it tastes after one day baked.

Go ahead and give it a try. I would say it is best to eat it with whipped cream & strawberry filing 🙂 or as my sister said, she wants to put cream cheese frosting and added a litle bit of sliced cheddar cheese….ooh yumm
Later on that day, my two sisters came for a visit. So, I asked to try both sponge cakes. They both said that sponge cake in part 2 is more airy, moist, fluffy, light and has lots of holes, exactly like a sponge — however the sponge cake in part 1 is more tasty and delicious and very little holes; even though the texture is just slightly more dense than the other one —> and I’m totally agree with them 🙂


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