Moist Vanilla Sponge Cake – part 1


Most of my customers request to have chocolate cake cake – which make me realize that I haven’t found a nice, moist and fluffy vanilla cakes.

Therefore, I decided to try as many vanilla cake recipe as I can, until I find the one that suits my taste — well, I don’t have sweet tooth, so every time I bake a cake, I always cut down the sugar amount — mostly if I adapt the recipe from US youtubers / bloggers, since I found it way too sweet for my liking.

My friend told me that in U.S the taste of the sugar is not as sweet as the one that we have in Indonesia — well, now I know the reason 🙂

I prefer to have sponge cake rather than butter cake, why? Because I need to bake them ahead (at least a day ahead), freeze them – this is important so that I’ll have less crumb when I torte, fill and decorate them.

Butter cake, obviously use butter as the fat, and we’ll have nicer taste compare to sponge cake, but then when we freeze them, the cake will be rock hard , even if we have thawed them in room temp.

Whereas sponge cake usually use vegetable oil as the fat, and this keeps the cake stay moist, even if we freeze them.

I tried sponge cake recipe from Ann Reardon of How to Cook That, and it turned out very moist and fluffy. I baked using 3 — 20cm round pan because I wanted to have three layers.

I turned the two layers into tiramisu cake for my son’s birthday. I freezed the other one and I’ve just sliced them and tasted them (after a week). Unbelievable, there’s no change at all.

You guys should go and check her web, she posted so many amazing recipes

Here is the recipe :
320 gr all purpose flour
327 gr castor sugar ( I use 265gr)
1 Tbs baking powder
1 tsp salt
1,5 tsp gelatin powder
125ml vegetable oil ( I use canola)
7 egg yolks
250ml cold water
7 egg whites
0,5 tsp cream tar tar

For baking instruction, please go ahead to her youtube channel in order to avoid miscommunication.

A few notes :
* I cut down the sugar into 265gr
* I baked in 3-20cm round pan
* After the cake was done, I flipped the cake upside down, and followed the instruction, but then the cake just slides straight away on to the cooling rack — well, I just let them as it is until they are completely cool. Not sure what happened.


My second trial of baking this recipe turned out very nice. Moist, tasty, the top was flat, I didn’t have to trim the top part at all for layer cake.

When I flipped the pan upside down to cool, it didn’t slide; it stayed there til the cool down process finished (about one hour).

I then decorated this cake into Liverpool soccer theme


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