Can we freeze cupcakes ?….Yes, definitely !

I’ve had the above question for quiet sometime…and I decided to do some research.

Well, this is my first research actually, and these cupcakes turned out amazing. There’s no change at all in terms of flavor.

I’ve read thru google that most bakery freeze their cupcakes, well it’s easy for them since they must have a huge walk-in freezer. Unlike small home-baker who has tiny refrigerator (am I talking ’bout myself? – LOL)

Anyway, you can see below how I stored the cupcake in the freezer, as well as their look after being taken out of the freezer.


The cupcake surface was a bit sticky, cover it with your favourite frosting and you’re good to go.

Thaw them in room temperature for 1-2 hours, depends on where you live.

I baked these cupcakes using Elise’s Best Chocolate Cupcake Ever….you can find it in her youtube. I’m telling you, it is soo good. I drizzled the cupcake using my caramel sauce. You can see in my next post.

Happy baking guys 🙂


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