Cupcake liners peel away from cake : problem solved !!


This problem comes to me soo often. I google and found so many answers from cake central, baking sos, etc…tried to follow everyone’s suggestion…and still…the mystery remains…aarrggh

Lately i baked some cupcake, and no liners peel off!! Not even one. I’m not sure what i did right…but here are what i  did :

1. The cupcake liners…different liner give different result. So you might wanna do trial & error

2. I have only 2 racks in my oven, i put the cupcake tray on the top rack


3. Use the silver cupcake pan, not the dark one since they capture heat quiet fast thus the cupcake bake faster — they look like they’re done but they actually need more time


4. Once the cupcake baked, switch off the oven, open the oven door and leave them as it is for another 2 minutes .
After 2 minutes, take out the cupcake one by one and put them on the cooling rack (with the pan still inside the oven). Then place the cooling rack somewhere with warm temperature, ex in the kitchen area (me : cooling rack on top of the oven)
I believe if the temperature dropped too much it will make the liners pull away

5. Follow the instruction carefully. If it says fill the batter 2/3 or 3/4 cup…strictly follow it. Cause the batter need to raise above the top liners to sort of ‘grab’ the edges and stick to it.


Hope that helps. Happy baking guys !!


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