100% Whole Wheat Bread Roll : 2nd Trial


Yes, 100% whole wheat, no white flour at all. Kali ini aku tetap pake si wheat bran (sayang, beli mahal gak dipakai. Selain itu, kandungan gizinya sangat bagus) dgn komposisi 10% dari jumlah tepung gandum.

Kali ini aku pakai resep dari cookingasyik, berikut link nya

Ternyata Membuat Roti Gandum Sendiri itu Mudah!

Making these bread was quiet stressfull hahaha…

It was difficult to handle such a gooey, sticky dough. I know it is a big NO to keep adding flour when kneading the dough, but how one could manage kneading it until elastic, when your hands are full of sticky dough?

I kept flouring my hands, as well as washing my hands to get rid of the sticky dough.

After googling and read some blogs and tried to figure out how to handle it, i finally managed to bake the dough and it turned out to be tasty and delicious


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