Chocolate Nutella Cupcake


Akhir-akhir ini lagi sering bikin cake menggunakan Nutella..

I mean, who doesn’t love Nutella??

These Nutella cupcakes are dedicated to Nutella lovers

Earlier, I planned to use Nutella buttercream as the frosting, using Recipe from US, I bet they taste so delicious.

However, I don’t think it will look great as the frosting, because they will just easily melt due to hot weather in Jakarta.

Why? Because,  the recipe use butter (real butter) and not
shortening. If we use shortening, the frosting will stay firm throughout the day..

Taste wise, the one that use real butter will definitely taste amazing…. At the end of the day, it depends on our purpose

I’m using the recipe from

The taste came out delicious, however the texture is so dense, probably because it is using Nutella inside the butter – the dough came out so thick and looks heavy

Next, I’m going to try any chocolate cake recipe, take out the Nutella , and instead, I’m going to put the Nutella and fill it inside the cupcake..


Further inquiry, please contact :

Line wulurard
WA 08158962222
Instagram mahakicakes


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