KitKat Ice Cream Birthday Cake


Pingin bikin birthday cake yg special…gak memakan waktu lama, gak ribet tapi yummy…

Untuk someone yang addicted to chocolate and ice cream (after all, who doesn’t love ice cream? )… which is my beloved son 🙂

Finally, I came up with this idea when I saw an ice cream truck passed by…

4 layers of ice cream :
– Coffee n raisin –>trust me, this one is so so good
– Blueberry
– Hersheys

with oreo crust as the base, and covered with KitKat.

I also use different kinds of his favorite chocolate as the topping :

– M&M
– Mini oreo (chocolate)
– Toblerone
– Silver Queen bites
– Chic Choc malt crunch
– Ferrero Rocher

Happy Birthday Kamal, Barakallah, semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, selalu berada dlm lindungin Allah SWT dan bisa menjadi seseorang yang selalu berguna  untuk bangsa, negara, dan agama. Amin YRA


For further info, please contact
WA             08158962222
Line            wulurard
Instagram mahakicakes


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